Reviews for "Anti-violence"

Powerful point

I enjoyed this movie even tho I believe that guns are not to blame...it's hate...hate is what causes the evils mentioned in this film...so if you are offended by this movie because of it's trues...then you need to stops crying at home and face the truth that you're wrong sometimes!

Those right wing supremicists

Can't say allot about it, just want you to know that there are far too many yahoos that write bad reviews. Incompetence appears to be infectious. You like quotes, so do I, Here's one "The mojority of this worlds problems are created from the insecurities of small men" Not shre who said it

my opinoin

Violence... a divsion is within me to decide. It is bad in the sense that it takes away freedom from people whenever it is commited. But it is good in the sense that technological progressions are made from war. If we didnt have war, what understanding of nuclear and particle physics would we have? It is the basis of this entire universe (even our very genes). I appreciate the fact that u actually took the time to research quotes and had the dertermination to get a message across. But the fact is that violence is a basic insitinct that make us human. If we did not have violence at a very early stage, Neothandrals would had the upper hand and we would not be here today. But do we really need weapons on our streets? What moron needs a semi-automatic to defend him/herself? So this issue has both pros and cons as any issue of this calibre has. A balance I believe must be reached in order to stem rampant violence but also to have mutual deterance for potentially harmful situations. Anyhow, good flash, and keep up the philosophy!

Right On.



Don't listen to Ziggom! It was good, and I got goosebumps... or maybe I got them coz the room is really cold...
Anyway, nice! and TRUE : ) A little short though... and there is a whole lot more pictures you could have included, and alot more violence.!!!