Reviews for "Dragon of spirits"

awesome, but one little problem...

i love this graveyard defender. very good work, but...on his left hand, the thumb is on the wrong side! oops....very nice work though, i think this is probably my favorite of your pieces!

although its beyond amazing...

it seems like the thumbish claw is on the wrong side on the left one?


It's har to belive that it is "docile" and peaceful. Looks like it would mutilate anything it set eyes upon. Great artwork if i do say. Do you special ize in just dragons or do you do other pictures as well?


I really like how you managed to draw a spectral dragon that really shows death and darkness, yet it does not seem evil.
I can really see how this can be an underworld guardian, like it says in your description.

Another great work of art!


Your best work