Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"

fucking hilarious, but

You missed the 2 funniest parts in the movie (or at least what I thought was funny) when they were jumping out of the car that was going 70 mph and they didnt have to roll they would just walk away and also you missed the part near the end when the invisible man was set a flame (how come nobody else in the theater laughed?) but it was still an amazing parody. (could of been the length of the original if you pointed out all the flaws, I guess you just ment to keep it shorter)

Afro-Ninja responds:

As far as the seventy miles an hour thing, I couldn't really think of a good way to visualize it. And I was gonna make a scene about the invisible man getting set aflame but I scrapped it. You can hear the deleted audio in the scene select though.

2 funny

greaty movie yu should 2 more of things about movies like yu did


When I went and saw the movie, I felt the same way! There were all these pointless scenes and scenes that took too long and things that in real life could have been easily avoided. Very funny and very true.


i liked that one with skinner when he said
his penis the thing he sticks into women's vagina's man that one is priceless.

How Long the Film Should of Really Been

That was grand. It is even better if u have seen that craptastic film. I would say your spoof of it made more sense then the real movie. Thank you for actually making something good out of that turd.