Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"

Ha ha ha ha

What's fucked up is that this parody is surprisingly accurate in some ways. Too bad the idiots in my class who insisted on seeing that shitty movie wouldn't listen to reason...tanks in 1899, my ass!



saw the movie liked it, saw the flash liked it

i liked the movie, and i also like this flash...err as stated in the title.
very clever and key clips used to make it into a parody, i couldn't stop laughing.

though i would have liked to (and recommend) hear different voices it was amusing. some sound effect sounded...strange, but i guess you have to work with what you got.

bravo to you, i have faved this. ^_^

It Was Just Like LXG

Ya, i saw the movie..it wasn't a good one either....I didn't like it but this is how it shoulda been!

alot of parts in the movie never made cence! which u pointed out

one thing in the real movie that didn't make cence is when there blowing up the building i didn't understand (mabye wasn't paying attention)

Also when the American blows up the building he was in the building i have no clue hoe he could of survived that!!! its STUPID

PS: No Sean Connery Impression also i noticed inthe stars LXG Sucks :)

2nd half makes the whole thing worthwhile

Interestingly enough, I didn't think LXG was THAT bad (though I've read the original comic and am really forgiving as far as movies go, so go figure ^-^). Anyway this flash isn't bad, but what makes it impressive is the inside jokes which make it absolutely hilarious.

Graphically speaking this was slightly below average: everything was drawn with sharp edges (i.e. no real curves), there was no blending to signify depth, and some of the effects were weak (like blood). But seeing as this WAS a parody, I suppose realism wasn't really what you were going for ^-^.
Sound was decent, though some of the voices bothered me (Mina's in particular). Again, its a parody, so I'm sure its intentional.
In regards to jokes, you sir are a genius. These are all things I've either wondered about or now wonder about (how DO you steer a car with four wheels in the front?) and the "Oops sorry that's what should have happened" thing with Dorian and Mina really had me going for a while. The audio outtakes were a nice touch as well

I had three hangups about this flash:
-It really took way to long to get up to speed (though I site my one-line summary for the rest)
-You didn't show the part where they actually got Dr. Jekyl onto the team (and since they actually did not skip over that in the movie I can't say you did that on purpose).
-Lastly, while I agree with almost everything you said joke-wise, I'm a total freak about accuracy and have to point out the whole "blow-shit up" thing in Venice. The buildings were collapsing because the weight of one building going down at an angle destroyed the next building (like dominoes). By blowing a building evenly, they stopped the chain (like removing a domino from the path). Though you're right the flare thing was just stupid.

My hangups aside, pretty darn good job parodying a movie that did indeed need one. Keep up the good work.

Afro-Ninja responds:

Actually I have no problem with art, as you can see from some of my more recent movies. But if I tried to do good art for all 15 minutes of this movie, I never would have finished it in a reasonable time