Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"


That was great! The conversation with Quartermain and Dorian on the record was hilarious. My favorite line in the movie "The only way to combat shit being blown up...is to blow other shit up!" Friggin hilarious...you are great man...

Still a Classic

I watched this when it was first submitted and fund it hilarious, then i saw it on the classics list and watched it again. I'ts still funny and i cant even remeber the film.

I laughed so much when 'Quaterman' says "how the fuck is that possible?!" to the record. I dont even know why...

So awesome and true.

The only thing that I thought needed to be cleared up was the briefcase at the end. It was the briefcase filled with all of the LXG's powers like Jekyll's potion and Mina's blood. Anyway, friggin' awesome and true. I laughed so hard when I saw the "he worships the God of Death" scene.. HAHAHAHA so f-ing true. Good work, it was so awesome I had to add it to my favorite submissions.


This is by far the most awesome thing I have ever seen!!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!


I'm glad someone made a parody of this.
This was hilarious, good job.