Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"

"He was a cool guy"

very funny, and very true, i also wasted 7$ on that movie, and I totally agree. I love so many part s of it, ok ok graphics, little bit goofy looking, but the sound was done very well

Blackvector youre a douche...

I thought the video was funny, the music was pretty good and i like dthe story. But the guy that reviewed right before me... I hope you were joking you asshat. Jesus christ, now i understand how bush got reelected....

not too shabby...

plot is obvisely fake and meant to be funny and not serius.
so if any one says the plot is stupid his right because thats the point of it and for my opinion you should come woth a slightly stupiser plot
thats all , keep it up

hail war.
kick bush's butt and later.
signed: the phantom

Head......... North.... ...... Jerk-offs..

Ha! I fooled you all! Now I have all your DNA to create super weapons! I can even rebuild the nautilus from this picture I took of the steering wheel!

How the fuck is that possible?!

Well.... You know.. It just is Okay?

No, Seriously! I want to know! Why should I Believe you can take our powers? You're sending this message to us on a phonograph for god's sake.. and isn't this a recorded message?

It was... a skip in the record.

What are you talking about, You're still tal-

Shut the fuck up! You're all screwed, Okay? And this entire time a second frequency has been playing.. thats going to cause the crystals to.. er.. detonate to explode! .. so hah! *boom*



While I really enjoyed you flash video I have to disagree that LXG stunk. I thought it was brilliant how they worked all the characters from some of the best literary works of our era into one movie. Some people forget that comic book movies are simply works of fiction and are going to be full of things that don't make sense.

Anyhow, good job on the vid.