Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"

Goddamn LXG!

Was pretty funny. Has been that long since I've seen the abomination that was LXG, I forgot just how many retarded plot developments and holes there were. The animation here was pretty crude, but then agin we are looking at a five year old entry, but the graphics don't matter when you're dealing with this kind of humour. Good work!

Still one of my favorites ever.

Watched this so many times and its still gold. Almost an hours worth


Not as flashy as your newer artworks, but nevertheless it has a high level of comedy in it! I like it, heh, keep up the good works!


really really boring

i mean you took a good movie and tried to destroy it. you could have made "parodies" of certain scenes and this would have been great but the way it is now , for me, is unbearable.2/10 1/5 could have been better


respect the afro ninja! movie was funny and great and i played your Nightmare house game like a million times :P i love Friday the 13 and Nightmare on elm street movies :/ too bad they dont make horror films like those anymore