Reviews for "++ The Journey Begins ++"

Good Song

Sounds like something from Sims 2

kelwynshade responds:

I've never played a sims game, but I appreciate the comment.

Now here's somethin new...

I'm pretty sure this is the first happy song you've created...EVER. Strangely enoug it sounds good, lol. When I first listened to it, I immediately noticed the bass progression. To me it really sets the tone for the song. I also noticed all the subtle changes in the drums throughout the song as well, which I equally enjoyed. And as always, you somehow manage to throw a flute in a song and manage to make it fit perfectly. The only real gripe I have is that you suck at street fighter 3 and i'm tired of whoopin your ass. maybe you should consider learnin another character or pickin up a strategy guide or somethin, cuz pat pwns joo!


kelwynshade responds:

lulz 0mG d00dz0rz. I ttly pwn joo w akuma!

but seriously, you suck at Street FIghter Third Strike and should consider something more up your alley like, let's say, Barbie Horse Adventures.

I'm a sucker for throwing at least one of three things in almost all of my compositions. Choir, Piano, or the flute. Glad you like it man. We need to jump back on some KTR projects.


I know what kind of felling you tried to put on this and well simply it worked! I think this would work for like a prelude kind of thing. But anyway keep up the good work!

kelwynshade responds:

Will do. Thanks!


i love this song really, every morning i get up i listen to this to just make me feel good, also i kinda feel like my own rpg ROFL, nice job

This song just...

This song just rock!! \../

It fits pretty much to everything and it got cathy rythm.
This was one of most professional sounding video game songs in NG.
Favorited! Belive me, i won't favorite just everything so gratz!