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Reviews for "++ The Journey Begins ++"


Totally got the whole game feel to it. It reminds me a great deal of Chrono Trigger, just more up beat, love it man keep making more of this.

kelwynshade responds:

That's definatly a compliment. I'm a HUGE Chrono Trigger fan. I remember renting that game over and over many years ago....

I appreciate the comment. I'll definatly be working more on stuff that has that SNES RPG era feel to it.

Take care.


when I hear this, I can see this being used in the opening parts of a sprite RPG (or any RPG, I just think sprites when I visualize this), like it being the music in the backround of the tutorials and practice battles.

kelwynshade responds:


That's good. I felt it was time to bring some SNES RPG style music back to NG.

It's mine! All mine! *hugs*

This is soooooo uplifting! It's pissing down with rain outside, it's blowing a gale as well and all I can think is YAY! This song is on a loop! I can totally see this fitting into the start of an RPG/adventure setting, bu the only thing i've got against RPG's and stuff is that the songs gradually get more and more moody throughout the game until at the end it sounds like it was thrown together in 5 minutes, and seeing as music makes a game I rarely ever complete a game as I think 'I want to go back to the start again!' Anyhoo's, this song is brilliant, and having ben created by a master of music such as yourself I really should appreciate it a whole lot more... It loops pretty fine well to, but can I just ask how many instruments you used in this song, I count 3-5 but i'm really crap at this whole instruments business.

Hammerypart says: Mmmm...OH! I've got it! *hugs Josh*! See, that's artist appreciation right there! Downloaded too!

kelwynshade responds:

Hahaha. It's definatly appreciation in my book. I'll have to go back and look, but it's not many instruments at all. I actually limited myself on purpose. I didn't want to go too overboard so I could keep the 'old RPG' feel to it.

If you also think music is a huge part of the game, play Chrono Trigger if you haven't already. Great game and great music all the way through.

Thanks for the great review.


I put on while playing silkroad dude this song is not only incredible but it also brings back some great memories if i could I would rate this at 1 million it reminds my of the best moments I've had through my life this song also gives me a great feeling about the future and what it holds not only for me but also what the future holds for us all I declare you a master of music(sniff)keep up the good work dude you've touch my heart.

kelwynshade responds:

Glad to hear you liked this one. Check out the others. You may find more stuff you like.

Take care.


so good i had to download it :)