Reviews for "Awake in the Night"


You have it. This would be perfect for any expert zombie-survival game.

Well done. You don't make the download because theres no point in having it on my Ipod. But you have potential.


its a little random in some parts but i think its another one of those mood setter songs thats great for backgrounds giving the listener a sense of "whats gonna happen next?" in a movie or game setting. good work on the song it is a big short but thats fine.


not bad

that was nice the orcastra i think thats how its spelled is nice you should do a majoras mask theme with that. just a though but for real its nice has a creepy feeling to it


It was a good and interresting submission, but a little too short. I think I can give you 8 stars.

GvProcks responds:

I may make this song longer. Right now I'm working on perfecting another song though.


A real good first submission! Nice progressive techno music. Creepy and varied. keep up the good work!


GvProcks responds: