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Reviews for "GUYS"

I have several questions.

Oh, I think understand now. He's wearing one of those things the cartoon Doctor Marios always have... a, uh, stencilscope. He's checking the cat's pulse, right? Since they don't like to sit still, you have to listen through the other end. It's kinda like trying to give medicine to babies, except you insert the pills under the arms, because their nostrils are still too small. Same difference.

How did it get here?

Definitely the most laugh-inducing item I've seen so far this year. XD

Glad you put this up here too so I can playlist and favorite... just so impressively unexpected. The initial glimpse of the cat. The simple build. The final delivery. It's perfect.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (srry i couldn't resist)

ChutneyGlaze responds: