Reviews for "XIN Session 02"


That was hillarious. Where the two guys were fighting. You really messed up that part with the faces.
Also, VelvetDarkRocks, I've seen lot of people like you critisicing other peoples work. With your dumb comments like "gayest shit ever" to "worst flash ever". Well, letme tell you that I've seen worse.

Well done..

This was a well done flash but needed to be polished a bit....but amazing plot...overall it was pretty tuff.

The cafeteria...

Hahah, that cafeteria scene was so good. I laughed that wazzaap sound and there faces was so cool. This was the best episode of xin sessions, i think.

Hahahaha! Best ever!

Its like you take Celebrity DeathMatch, Comedy Central, and a highschool and you got this series! Awsome!

once again awsome

also someone willing to make a flash please come to my profile and read my post