Reviews for "XIN Session 02"

The plot thickens

This series has now gotten to the point were it is almost just too over the top with violence. I do hope storyline will come first, and violence second.

Anyways, it was decent. Nothing really amazing to me.


it wasnt as good as ur others, especially a s u put in real faces, and they fighted like girls, lol

Also good

I liked this one too!
i see good things in the future lol.


u realy screwed up with the chineze picture fighting that sucked balls
Compared 2 everything else im ashamed of u

Damned good!

After watching XIN 01, I wasn't expecting a follow up this good! Dark stylish anime fun...if only a big name like Bandai Visual would hire you...
The fight between the two students in the middle, kinda threw me off, due to its seemingly out of place look to it...but a nice recovery at the end with Ghai's interference. I hope to see this series go up to session 30!