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Reviews for "2003| LoP Trilogy 1"

gr8 game but i'm stuck!

how and where the hell and i supposed to use the big stick to open the attic?

Holy-Howard responds:

U have to click on the attic. Its in second room of the game ( Where you find the housemap).

6:15 am Location: Hawaii

damn. u no it was kind of......long. it took a while and then at the end it was kind of slow. when you shoot him and he goes ahhh. it was too long as i sed b4. so mebbe the next 1 will be shorter? or at least faster. Thanks. i'll give you a 4.


Holy-Howard responds:

Thanx, the problem is, the whole game is frame by frame and no actionscripting. That´s why its so "slow" :(


It was good.
But could have been harder.

Pretty good

Alright game, the music was okay. I agree with Silent2222, it got boring after a little while. Still a good game though.


...But it got boring after a while... Make more excitment in your next one please. thanks