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Reviews for "2003| LoP Trilogy 1"

Good, semi parodic gaming goodness

First off, I must say that this was a pretty good game. Sure it isn't perfect, but it's WAY better than some of the entries posted on Newgrounds. Good characters and music choice, along with a nicely chosen room & item layout, make this a 7/10 IMO........and is IMO an all around good game to play.

Also, the semi-parody of LoK: Soul Reaver(both in the ending and the music/feel in the game.) was chosen with almost perfect accuracy........and fit the gameplay like a glove. (I admit I haven't played the whole LoK game yet, but I do notice the similarities.)

Now, I go to play part 2.........cheers and all that until my next review then.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
"Cheers and jeers go hand in hand, and only one will fully understand."


The graphics were horrible, but I like these kinds of games...hmm not too bad


I liked the game and the music was really cool. The second one is better, but I LOVE the story line! Awesome job!

so lame

i played the two and its best than that i hope th three will not be with this graphic but there so lame and this part was too short


ok im so glab u got much better at flash because the second one is so much better graphics wide but this game was good. it was very easy and the wya u ended it is god and now i understand the ssecond one. but keep up the good work