Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"

not bad...

It's cool because it's the first chrono trigger piece I've see on newgrounds. But it's just not all that funny. Half of it is stuff you would normally see on the game anyway.

Not bad at all...

This movie could definately branch off in its own series. I think it make a good addition to Newgrounds. Nice work, and keep 'em coming.

Alright that was funny :-D

Very wierd, but still hella funny lol. Anyways great wonderfully creative strputes and very smooth animation lol. Anyways that was fun and funny and hey the landscapes were pretty funny and altogether great sound great dialouge and wonderful sequence at the beggining lol. Anyways, not sure how you did this and hey great job for flash animation its very cool shit man. Smooth...Fun...And it never really got boring so great job and have fun with any future Flash animations and enjoy Newgrounds.com :-D


Very good but

The dialogue sucks. The characters seem, well, out of character. Other than that, it's awesome. Very smooth animation and movement, from the looks of it, you have the beginnings of a decent storyline, like I said, the worst thing is the dialogue, they need to be more in character, everything else is awesome.

This is very good

I've played the game and all I can say is make more