Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"

i hate these

they're terrible and boring.

It was ok

It was pretty good for a first movie, and it was pretty well thought out. You kept more or less to the story and did well, I wouldnt get discouraged, but this wasnt that great.And also once oyu beat the chrono trigger didnt Frog turn back human?Ive played both of the chrono games....Anyway, even though this wasnt great, if you try different stuff you'll hit gold.

Pretty good...

well for a first flash movie its pretty good, but wierd because i havent played chrono trigger... but keep tryin


Well done! im a big fan of chronos' triggar and i wouldnt say this would be an insult towards it. Excel movie, make part 2 :)

He kisses a Frog!!!???

Well I must say the jokes were quite good, but the only bad thing was the graphics was a bit jumpy, and where the hell did you get that button thing from!? I see loads of them and I have no idea where they come from!? But good job with this movie dude!!!!