Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Trilogy I"

Nice work for a first cartoon

That is leagues better than my first flash cartoon, nice job. i loved the comedic elements as well as the violence. Very well done, but it was a little boring.

Nifty Little Spoof

I like the bits of humor thrown in, even the stuff that seemed totally inappropriate still got a chuckle out of me. Not real serious belly laughs though. I'm interested to see how this series progresses.


Magus doesn't say "Sup bro"

pretty good

that was pretty good but it did have its bad spots, but for being a Chrono Trigger fan im just glad that someone finally made a flash about it. So good job

Has some problems, but solid effort.

As an old-school CT fan, there were a few things that really bugged me. First, almost every character is way out of character, ie: Crono and Frog talking Street?! Second, Crono was spelled wrong in two different ways many times. Not bad overall though.