Reviews for "Vagina Simulator v 1.0"

Freakin' hilarious!

great dude! such a small file size, great humor too. Clever people come up with stuff like this, i thought this was genius. Keep up the good work, you sure do know how to entertain while being original and creative. That's what this site is all about!!

Dude... Funny as hell...

What the hell is with all this bashing? I thought this was super funny. It must have also been hard to make a flash about a vagina that was not totally perverted. All it was was very, VERY funny. I liked all the coments on each part. It seemed sophisticated with the music and such which made it so much more funny. I think you should ignore all the previous comments. Those are the kinds of people who need a thousand different things happening simultaneously in a flash to enjoy it or even pay attention to it. The reading aspect probably just did not appeal to them. Thank you for this very entertaining piece.

if the vigina just

specifies a particular area of the Woman's organ.... then what is it called altogether? the scientific term?


i actually learned something from these games


HAHAHAHAHA... lol... so funny... vagina goblin..heh