Reviews for "Vagina Simulator v 1.0"


the female orgasm is a myth classic coz its soo true bitches fake them and we men fall for it everytime -_-

Valuable lessons

Stick to assbanging, guys.. You won't regret it! (except for the lingering smell)


very interesting game lol.


Wish my health class was taught the "real" function of these vaginas!

Nice and to ScaryMovieGangst

It always nice to learn and laugh at the same time. I think you did a fine job.

Now, ScaryMovieGangsta just because you cant get laid doesnt mean the world is to blame. and btw, condoms dont ALWAYS break. if people chose to have sex, thats up to them. and telling some one else to go kill themselves is just to hide the fact that you hate your life just because your parents didnt give you enough love when you were a child doesnt mean you have to down talk everyone to make yourself and your life seem so much better. Cause all your doing is making yourself look absolutely pathetic. Guess what? Time to grow up :) Try and be more positive and have a nice day :)