Reviews for "Vagina Simulator v 1.0"

where's the game?

i remember it was a game where you shhot virus in the vagina but why did you change that? i love the original tho. btw it's nice to see vagina like that


this is soo funny


and to the guy before me, there is a hymen, just look harder,

nice job

You hardly see anything educational on this site. But where was the hymen? I WANT MY HYMEN!! actually, no. Hymens suck. they just bleed and cause virgins to think you are too rough and break up with you. Oh, and guy who submitted before me: the fact that you probably came to this site looking to jerk off means that you don't deserve a penis. You can tell you're alone when cartoons get you hot. Dork.

Leigh responds:

are you a virgin?

e-mail me


i could see it being much funnier and overall better as a movie, but an interactive tour of a vagina diagram is pretty odd, anyone aroused by that really needs to die

Leigh responds:

I don't think it's right to wish death upon others