Reviews for "Wild Shooting (v.1)"


Great shooting game, just needs more to it...a toon huntin' game could have good results. Maybe have some wacky guns(cork gun, pop gun, elephant gun that shoots elephants) and you may just have something there...anyway PROTECTED.


I liked it, I just dont like the music.

Add more!

I liked it, it seemed to ignore me shooting the birds a lot, like they were impossible to hit. I got them a few times, the rabbits where a bit easier to kill but I'd shoot them several times and nothing happened. More guns. More guns. More guns. More things to kill, different backgrounds. More guns.
Thank you.

that was r right

i think this game is a good concept. but i think u should have at least 4 differnt guns and maybe different shooting areas. but nice job.

Boring but..

This game was both boring and addictive. The first two minuites were cool... then as time went by it got more and more boring. Good game though.