Reviews for "Wild Shooting (v.1)"

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I liked it, it seemed to ignore me shooting the birds a lot, like they were impossible to hit. I got them a few times, the rabbits where a bit easier to kill but I'd shoot them several times and nothing happened. More guns. More guns. More guns. More things to kill, different backgrounds. More guns.
Thank you.

exactly,you can't win or lose

maybe make it more of a hunting game,that would be awesome.and have points,and like you have to kill animals and that gives you points/money,which you can use to buy bullets,more powerful weapons,more animals,stuff like that.that would be such a cool game,and have a chart of the best scores...I'm just blerting things out,maybe you could use some,dunno you asked.:P

Nice job.

Sure it's pointless , but whats wrong with a bit of senseless violence?


It would be nice if it was timed or kept score or something. Also the music and actions the characters do repeat to quick.

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i couldent be asked i was just board i will do when i got time tho ty


1337 indeed

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