Reviews for "Mad World Cover"

...I love this song

And I love your voice, except I couldn't really hear it the first thosand times, because I was singing along...But your voice is like silk. I really liked this...god your so awesome. ^-^

Jazza responds:

thanks bro, i really appreciate it :D

god i love your work

i know you didn't write this one but meh still good. keep it up

Jazza responds:

just got ur PM, thanks for the review mate

Very touching

Simplicity can be a great thing in music, especially on this song. The bare vocals and piano part are simpling amazing. So peaceful, one of those songs that just mellows me out and makes the world slow down for a while.

I don't think you have a reason to be worried about doing covers when the cover is such a great quality. Stunningly beautiful work.


great work


it's better then the original one!
i love it.