Reviews for "Mad World Cover"


I like really like the quality of the song. Thank you for taking your 4 hours to record this :)

Jazza responds:

thanx bro, thanks for reviewing and letting me know

Tale of Darko

Just being able to hear this song again is good enough for me. Since I read so many great things about you...I will have to listen to some of your other works. I can forgive this plenty, especially if you are such a wonderful player.

-The SIea of Blu - a New Fan

Jazza responds:

thank you very much, so glad you liked it :)

voted 5

You are one of my most favorite Classical musicians. Period. I'm serious. You create and recreate some amazing pieces.
I'm already in love with the original of this song, but you did an amazing job with this. You sing just as good as in the original.
I've been impressed with your singing/music for a long time.
Keep up your beautiful work.
-TMM43 (DJ-Pinke)

Jazza responds:

thank you very much, so nice of you to say!! :D


This is definitely one of the better covers here on Newgrounds, no question about that! The piano part was played well and I think it had just the right presence in the mix; loud enough to be heard, but still in the background. The piano sounded very well recorded as well, props there!

Although there are a bunch of great things done here, I've got two suggestions for you. For one, I think your vocals would clean up pretty well if you run them through a pitch correcter. The recording quality is great, and most of the time your in the ballpark with the pitches, but there are a few notes sprinkled into the mix that are a bit off. Sonar has a built in pitch correcter that works quite well, and there are a few free VST plug-ins around the web that do their job. Aside from that, my only criticism is in the drum tracks, which sounded quite synthetic. I think bringing out the mids in the snare and the lows a bit in the kick will help give them a bit more life, but ultimately it may be a good idea to invest in some real quality drum samples.

In perspective, the pros far outweight the cons, and this is done very nicely. Keep up the great work!

Jazza responds:

thanx heaps bro, really appreciate it. the drums are actually my roland TD20 drum kit thtough my mixer. i did bring up the low, maybe i shouldnt have :P

and yeah, getting the right pites in singing with is is hard. MAINLY coz i recorded vocals WHILE i played the piano. i think it keeps things more synced and flowing.

love your music bro! your like, a prodigy :P

Very nice.

Excellent playing singing could be better.

Jazza responds:

thanx. yeah i'm not the best singer, i just enjoy singing and recording :P