Reviews for "Make a Wish"

Reminds me...

This makes me think of Shadow of the Colossus, one of my favorite games for my playstation 2.

I wish...

That you never stop making your art...

My guess

Is that the robot was not self aware but had the logic to comprehend things almost as clearly as we (humans) can so when it was granted a wish it wished for either Infinite knowledge or complete awareness. anyways you are a very talented artist keep up the good work.


Absolutely mind-blowing. It reminds me of the robot that wanders around in the desert in Titanomachina...except your rendition is an absolute masterpiece. What's most amazing about this piece is that even though the color scheme is quite uniform, there is still so much to look at. I'm absolutely astounded by this piece of work, and appalled that it did not finish first for Robot Day 2010. Keep up the great work my friend; you may have just inspired me, both musically and in drawing.


Your friendly neighborhood dubstep producer,


this stuff is absolutely amazing