Reviews for "Make a Wish"

How would you start to create sumthing like this?

I wouldnt mind learning how to be an ok drawer/ designer or watever u would call urself, but i dont know where to start?
Excellent btw 10/10


So i was just dicking around and stumbled on your work. I loved it within minutes i browsed thru tons of your work and all of it is awesome a little bit of fantasy a little bit of sci-fi. and as for his wish? For a war that never ends so that him and his kind will never outlive their programing and usefulness as robots of war :D

your work and the wish

i think that this work is more than decent. i wonder if you are being modest or if set yourself on high standards but the detail, the thought, the effort you put into this can clearly be seen.

what i think the wish that the robot would pick would be the following
1) wishing this all to end
2) to grant him power and strength so he can continue to fight
3) to have him fixed so he can keep fighting
4) to wish the enemy gone (i find that contradicting)
5) to wish that he could understnd humans and why we fight one another

This is just beautiful!

Hands down, you are my favorite artist KW! Not only is your art work detailed and realistic, but it also has a powerful meaning. Like this one! So from what I've read, this robot seems pretty tough and powerful and I like how he stops his fighting to glance at a creature which wouldn't be out fighting a war like that. A creature that's beautiful and graceful, etc. Now, besides the stars I'm giving you for the quality of the piece and the meaning, I'm also giving you stars for the unity. To be able to put two completely different beings into one piece and make them unify as beautifully as this, deserves a whole bunch of stars.

...if only there were more stars :) Amazing job!

*Note: So, just to answer your question of "which one would be his wish?", when I look at the robot's emotionless expression I kind of sense a sadness in him. Maybe it's how his eyes beam so bright but his metal so dull. I dunno, somehow the contrast of his eyes from his body, give me the feeling of sadness. So from that, I feel if the robot was able to wish for something, it would be peace (so no war) and maybe his own freedom. That would be nice :)

What Program!!??

What Program You Use??