Reviews for "Make a Wish"

If I were the robot, I'd wish that I was able to understand this whole "art" thing that the humans are always going on about.

I absolutely love this pice. The contrast between subjects both in scale and saturation really adds to the flavour and mood of it. What really impresses me is it's simplicity. Great work keepwalking!

It's always great to show two completely different forces in the same place. I think the main thing about this is that you really have no idea how this came to be. It was great for you to include a story with it. This is one of the reasons we don't need a literature portal because we can do the same thing with pictures. Heck, we can use regular submissions as literature even. I love the large amount of detail put in this robot.

I think the robot would wish for one of two things. Either he'd wish that the robots would take over the humans or that there would be peace. Different sides of me say what would happen. It kind of reminds me of the metallic guy from "Fullmetal Alchemist". That seems to be a standard design.

Very nice story; I feel like the robot has a pondering, unanswered thought about the creature in its hands. Your hard work has paid off, though I do wish there was a little more detail.


like the art and specially i love the story and theme, i were the robot ill wish for the end of the war with all of my destructive kinds... my silly idea right?

sorry for my bad english...