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Reviews for "[ m a t u i t ]"

It's great.

The song was well written, but I couldn't help but fell like the song lacked progression, the guitar played the same chords repetitively. The song was easy to get into however, and most of all your singing was fantastic, it's hard to find even a decent singer, and you we're good. The lack of progression is easily fixed though, and the song is great.

Kingbastard responds:

you're right, thisa version does lack a little progression, but I wanted to strip it back as much as possible so people could focus more on the emotive lyrics/singing, that was the intention anyhoo.
Cheers for the review.

Inventive Lyrics

In writing good lyrics to a song, it's too easy to fall into rhyming cliches, but this song really stayed away from that. Even in a basic rhyming pattern you don't know what is going to come next. They are really good lyrics, although not particularly poetic or anything. (they are very good in an english sense but not in what they mean? i guess is what I'm trying to say)

But anyway, what do you have going in this track? It sounded to me like two guitars one strumming chords and the other picking... but they went so well together it almost sounded like three at some points.

made me sad..

hmm.. not much for sad lyrics, but still made me a little sad, like wtf?
Still a good song though! Make another nice soft one!

Awesome song!

It's a bit sad for me, but it's great.

-The guitar is a bit conspicuous. The strumming noise is too loud, and it repeatedly keeps tapping. It's kind of annoying (NO offense intended), so pipe it down a bit. That way we can concentrate more on the actual guitaring and singing.
-It's a great song, but the guitar needs more variety. It plays the same progression through the whole song. Switch it up by playing fifths, sixths, sevenths, or any other chord that sounds good and matches the singing.
-It's just too great a song. Make more lyrics and make it longer, PLEASE.

Other than that, this song's about good. You could become famous. Make other songs and you could be better than some of the greatest rock bands out there ;)

you know....

not y favorite song, but it grows on you....i like it...

Kingbastard responds:

fair enough, thanks for taking the time to review.