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Reviews for "[ m a t u i t ]"

As always....

...fucking genious.

I really like t he double vox, it sounds very suiting to your acoustic style!

We don't get to talk that much nowadays man, we really should have a name-spawning session some day! :)

Take it easy, and thank you for uploading yet another amazing track!!!!! :D

Kingbastard responds:

love you rukkie:D


Your seriously amazing, my goal in life is to get out a CD, and your songs sound just like how I imagine it in my head ahaha. I need to work on my voice, it sucks, yours is amazing

Kingbastard responds:

thank you very much, that's very kind.:)

Very nice.

Dude, this could be bigger than most of the rest of that shit submitted on audio newgrounds. Go right now and submit it everywhere you can. youtube, last fm. generate some publicity. Dont listen to these people saying that its not that good. Take your good song and run man, you probably could make into a famous song. Just add a bridge, maybe some more verses and change it up a little more but great anyway. Maybe add a stand up base or a cello to get that background sound that nirvana unplugged had. I think it work pretty well. Drums may or may not be good but definitely try to incorporate some sounds or instruments, just to spice of the verses and give it more depth. I know you like the intimate sound of just you and the guitar but try it and see if it sounds good. Great voice, great chord progression. Frankly, im jealous, i wish i could write shit like this. Nice job once again.

Dude this could be bigger than led zep

Man this is great i created this account just to say how good it is, perfect singing for the song too. Man congrats your amazing.

You'd go down a storm in venues.

just bring yourself and a guitar. This goes above 10. why cant I click above 10...
such a clean sound and a really subtle phasing on the vocal, VERY NICELY DONE!!!

Kingbastard responds: