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Reviews for "[ m a t u i t ]"

great stuff

exellent no need to improve that pieace of art


Wow. One thing to say. Professional quality stuff right here. The guitar work is great. Your vocals are BEAUTIFUL. You should really try and get signed.

A great song you got here

Dont listen to these people saying that its not that good. Take your good song and run man, you probably could make into a famous song. Just add a bridge, maybe some more verses and change it up a little more but great.Drums may or may not be good but definitely try to incorporate some sounds or instruments, just to spice of the verses and give it more depth.


[insert something complimentary here]

Awesome song!

It's a bit sad for me, but it's great.

-The guitar is a bit conspicuous. The strumming noise is too loud, and it repeatedly keeps tapping. It's kind of annoying (NO offense intended), so pipe it down a bit. That way we can concentrate more on the actual guitaring and singing.
-It's a great song, but the guitar needs more variety. It plays the same progression through the whole song. Switch it up by playing fifths, sixths, sevenths, or any other chord that sounds good and matches the singing.
-It's just too great a song. Make more lyrics and make it longer, PLEASE.

Other than that, this song's about good. You could become famous. Make other songs and you could be better than some of the greatest rock bands out there ;)