Reviews for "scratch spider"

Indeed you dont deserve the penguin!

Imagine, buying nameless bullets. Tsk.

Great work though. Great to see weebl cartoons up on NG, where they can be voted upon, and get the general recognition they deserve (apart from all the traffic to your site of course) =p


NO CHEESE, lol that was pretty good, not as good as your other work though.

as expected

i love all ur stuff
Demolition Squid tops it tho
and Chutney too

great job
the colors were great and i loved the audio
and the characters oddly fit the the flash

keep it up


im giving it a 10 just cause it had a penquin in it anyone got a problem wit dat


To the person before me, it's probably just your com. They all work for me. Anyway, this was pretty cool, not as good as the Trevors or Crabs. But still good.