Reviews for "scratch spider"


that wuz a lil difrent frm your other movies but it was good

Just can't get enough...

Seriously man, you are now my new favorite flash artist, everything of yours that I've watched in the past while has been awesome, keep churning out the gold, oh, and thanks for doing a Scratch Pervs song, never thought I'd see that on NG. Peace


That was a great musicvideo. I really like the style and the artwork is really impressive.

Like Gigli, but intentional humor added

I love your music videos, Bonjour and Badger being my first two but I think what gives your videos such an appealing work of art is it's randomness. This approach gives an interesting smooth animation and hip hop feel, addictive if anything. Keep up the great work.

Holdin' it's position

First off, a big shout out to Weebl for this clip. Scratch Perverts are a sick combo and it's surprising too see someone else know/feature them.
Everything flowed and worked out really well. I'm glad you threw in some breakin too! You should consider following up on this type of short movie with a hip hop feel, you seem to have a knack for it.
Good work Bro!