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Reviews for "Martin luther king tribute"


great shit man good job also i guess this site is full of racist people if they downvoted this


I'm at a loss of words. I got nothing more to say other than Nice job Yo. Keep up the good work man.

P.S. We must hold our dreams and memories close and cherish them. They're all that we have left when our pride and dignity are taken away from us.

Did you know....?

Did you know that my gradfather, Dr. Jonathan W. King, knew and went to collage with Dr. Luther King and became a minister. He said that i should pass this on. Mainly because he was in his death bed. Saddly he didn't make it. Good contribute.

A head bobber and a brain poker, good shit.

I like this man, I respect King, and I think this was a good dedecation. Think he'da liked it.

*puts head down*

*Puts right fist in the air*