Reviews for "Dad n me sculpt"

man what a artist...shut up and take my money, i want this sculpt >:(

Looks awseome.

Your have great sculpting skills. You made great detail with the muscles and the mask it just looks really cool. Nice poses you made for it to. The color of the material looks just like the color of dad n me. Just overall a really cool sculpture great job in making this I added it to my favorites.


It's so cool that makes me want to have it.


I love how you made the muscles. It's like a great drawing brought to life. I ca understand how Smook11 thought it was you that made "me".


that is the most bad ass thing i have ever seen! the attention to detail is amazing! Dad n me will always be one of my favorite newgrounds series, and deserves more love(though i do love brackenwood and block head more). awesome job!