Reviews for "Dad n me sculpt"


From what is this made? A plasticine or something idk lol :D

That is amazing!
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And, does he have a name?

awesome side

I have never even heard of super sculpty before but it certainly sounds awesome if it made something as good as this! My only problem is that it does seem like it didn't need to have so many angles. It's still a great picture. It feels like it's about time someone submitted something that was an actual sculpture. The live-action photos I've seen were mostly of people or dolls. I thought this was done with clay at first.

Speaking of which, it seems like you could be a great claymation artist! I would love to see this guy in action. I've always wanted to make a sculpture with a wire skeleton underneath. I just suddenly realized this thing has no freaking neck at all. Another great picture of...Me, I didn't know that was the character's name?