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Reviews for "Sea in a Coconut"


I enjoy admiring your work after Alone, and you didn't disappoint me.

It's a stupendous drawing once again, with brightening colors and decent, realistic lines. The mosaic tile pattern of the sky is highly creative and marvelous, bringing a new dimension to this piece. Once again, I truly can't find anything to improve here.

Speaking story-wise, it shows a man and a woman, lovers I presume, in a coconut shell floating in the sea. I don't know why but they remind me of Adam and Eve. There is the same 'nature book' at the edge of the coconut shell. They are apparently getting away from a deserted island, sailing in a dangerous sea or ocean. Wilson the Volleyball is a nice reference, swimming towards the shell. This might mean that it's the same ocean as the one in Cast Away. Far away in the background there is a silhouette of a ship(?) attacked by some sort of a sea monster, maybe a kraken.

In spite of my positive review, I couldn't help but notice that the apple and the shark on the back are the same size, while they seem to be alongside each other. I don't know whether this is a perspective error or not, but frankly I can't really see a reason why it would be done on purpose. Nevertheless, I still won't take off points for that, as there are so many supernatural elements in this picture, and that may be one of them.

Overall, good job once again. I'm all for creative pieces of artwork like these, so don't be shy to request them in the club if you have others like these. Or any kind of other picture for that matter.

By the way, just today I realized that apples do float in water, so you have my apologies for that. :)

10/10, 5/5. Keep up the good work.
~Review Request Club

Merol responds:

Glad it didn't dissapoint you.

That thing being attacked by a monster is not a ship, are two ships actually, if you look closer, you can notice that one is in his tentacles already.

And the apple being as big as the whale, well, those guys are inside of a giant coconut shell, it wouldn't be strange if there were other giant fruits.

I've asked for some reviews before actually, but thanks!!!

No problem about the apples :D

THANKS A LOT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing, rich!

What a great piece of art. I have to say.

Such a simple, surreal drawing, it's really amazing. The use of colours really sucks the viewer straight in, and the use of details in the background, it gives me something new to see every time I shift my eyes.

I'm guessing there's a story to this, with the couple in the half coconut drifting on the sea. Seems like they're lost at sea. I also like the little references, like the volleyball.

The mosaic effect you've used on the sky is really special, it adds someting to the entire piece. I also like that dark event unfolding in the back. Possibly a ship taken by the kraken?

I can't find anything negative to say about this piece. Wow!

Review Request Club

Merol responds:

I actually don't think about them as a couple, they are more like complete strangers for me, well, they were complete strangers before being lost in a coconut.

Yeah, it's a kraken, and he's attacking two ships actually.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

apple in the tree!!!

ha from the telescope guy!

Merol responds:

But this came out before the telescope guy

dude you are so......AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really, your are perfect!!!

besides (and i know im not the only one asking) when is comming AITT2? (my abreviation to Apples In The Tree) i know you said you gonna take a long time to make it, but really dude you are so awesome (at least a stimated date?)

Merol responds:

Heh, if you say so!
I really don't know. I will make more games and movies before releasing it. I'm sure it will take more than a whole year from now. Maybe in 2012. But I've been thinking on the history and everything!


Saddest scene in the whole movie. D:

Merol responds:

I know :(