Reviews for "When Heroes Fall"

lolz teh roxx!

That was so funny! LoLz the musics was teh great! SoOo funny1 Was that music Schindlers List at the end? That made it even funnier! The doves! lol

I loved it man!

I loved it man! I thought it was great. Of course not a perfect 10, but very refreshing and funny. As for anyone else who can't see the humor, well...its not the creator's fault that you don't have a sense of humor to call your own. Peace.


Okay, it wasn't funny one bit, how can eating food be funny? And then trying it again only to be full and watch your friend cry because he thinks your the greatest and you can finish anything they give you. The music was okay, but what does everyone see what i don't? I don't think it's funny at all.


Funny as hell..

One of the best

All i can say is this is truly one of the best ^^