Reviews for "When Heroes Fall"

very funny

kinda drags. but a very nice job putting music to animation. humorous concept too.

Reminds Me Of...

LOL, I liked this movie, reminds me of the movie "The Great Outdoors" with john candy tyring to finish that 94 ounce steak, lol, i could actually feel the disbeleive when he could not finish, and hes a stick figure excellent movie

sad to c heros fall

man this is one sad tale


Well, this was different. "When Heroes Fall" i thought it was going to be another boring war story, but apparently, that wasnt the case.

Unfortunately, i just had my dinner when i saw this, and frankly, i felt like throwing up. Eew, i dont like watching images of food when my stomach is full, especially when they are ugly nauseatic images of food.

Ugh! Well, kudos to you for making me nauseuas with 1.5 meg file of flash movie.

WM [:{}]

I am now giggling

The use of the music was the best part, so to anyone who hasn't seen it yet, take the author's advice in his (or is it 'her'?) brief summary and TURN ON/UP YOUR SPEAKERS!

The ending is hilarious, might I add. What a funny idea to make a movie about!