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Reviews for "Jazz Factor (Loop)"

Great !

perfect ! the loops are perfect ! and it makes me feel in the '30 ! with al capone in a casino...

Agree with SBB

About the bass. It's a little too quiet, I think. Other than that, I think it's great. I'll also say, that I think it'd work in an old fashioned mobster bank heist type movie. It kinda reminded me of the weazels from Conker's Bad Fur Day =P

Nice one!

Vewy nice

Very jazzy indeed. It'd really fit for some comical-royal thing, I don't know. Some of the instruments sound all midi, but that's pretty much the only complain- 'cept for that it doesn't really fill up the sound spectrum much. Maybe if you boosted the bass a bit, it would do more justice.

Yeah, a great happy jazz loop.

NickPerrin responds:

Yeah it's tough to find good-sounding saxophones, even in the BEST libraries. They always seem to end up sounding MIDI, no company has done a really solid saxophone yet!