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Reviews for "face fuck"

Face fuck, eh?

Must say, its pretty crazy.

Crunchyspikes responds:

hehehe... yes it is "bass" ...i dunno why but i like calling you that.


I liked it

its nice to hear some one else on newgrounds with a darkstep kind of style. Your strings and backup sounds were awesome and suited the buildup perfectly. give me a listen i make darkstep / hardcore dnb style too, i'm favouriting you looking forward to new songs :D

Crunchyspikes responds:

thanks for the great review...
and you can also check out my myspace for more songs...

Whats burning?

Real power drum, Hell Yeah!@

Crunchyspikes responds:

oh... fucking hardcore to the bone bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Woooo, this was intense. :) Starts of soft and smooth and keeps getting better and better, love this track. Experimental and energetic. keep it up!


Crunchyspikes responds:

yes... my way of breaking tabs in the right order so it can lead to an eargasm =D

fuck yeh!!!

wow i loved how it finally started, great fucking job. i like it keep it up great work.


Crunchyspikes responds:

glad you liked it.