Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"

Can't wait for the next one!

Damnit, I CAN'T WAIT!!

Omg that was the shit!

At least Rockman wasn't weak in this one, but that was not the point. You know the song where rockman was fighting cutman and woodman, i did not like it at all. However it did not ruin the experience, so i gave it a 9. But please don't use that song again. I know the theme is Rockman, but still, doesn't compare to good ol' Rockman X2. Just my opinion. How many episodes are going to be in this one anyway

CheveLoco responds:

after hearing megaman songs to pick the ones that i would use for this series i came to the same conclusion too..so i'll be using more megamanx songs for the next episodes..

Another good piece of Flash...

This is the best one i've seen since part 1, that reminds me, how do you make you flash movies and sprites with....?


CheveLoco responds:

flash mx

That was good.

You've obviously got some skills. The animation was tight, great choreography on the fight, all in all, it was very well done. I'm waiting for the next installment.


I love the way you make ur fight scenes! Entertaining. I think the fight should've been harder thoe; Megaman killed them too easy! But i hav to admit...he DOES have skills ; )