Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"

One more great Flash Movie by Rigo

I am a big Mgaman fan and have watched all your Megaman flash. Anyone that is also a Megaman fan should watch this video. Great Graphics and Sound be sure to finish ep. 2

CheveLoco responds:


A sequal to you old series?

That was unexpected, and the werid thing is, I listen to TheLT music and loved it, so sound was easy to rate, and as always, you pull thought with another good movie.

CheveLoco responds:

yeah i didnt expect to do one either..:P

Good, good....

But you made one major flaw why doesnt megaman and X get the powers of defeated Mavricks and Robot masters?

CheveLoco responds:

hmmm...good question

Better than the first one

This better than the first one. The text went slower making it easier to read. That was cool when Megaman fought Cutman and Woodman. I can't believe I saw Rush playing with the Tanooki Suit from SMB 3. I didn't see any problems with this movie so I'll give you a 10.


love it all every last part