Reviews for "Erik the Juiceman MikeEp1"

Its okay. Nothing that good though

I like the humor.

Lol, so this is where it started.

Cool, pretty good for the 1st episode, good pace & timing etc.
I like the cast.

That was diffrent but, cool.

That was a diffrent flash but a good one. The quality sucks but every thing else is fine. but the griffti has to go. i see it too much

i love your series

but maybe instead of re-submitting the whole thing you should get to making ep 6? ;)

A promising start to the series

The bit where they go to bed is hilarious!

The sound effects with all the cheering and stuff was excellent and you've managed to make this a great sit-com type thing.

It may not be as well animated (or quite as funny so far) as some alternatives (like College University) but it's still well worth watching.

I don't really have any real suggestions other than to improve the animation. Also, whilst good as it is, the script could have been better.

However, I'm sure you'll improve with practise.

And as it is, it's still definitely worth watching.