Reviews for "Eskimo Bob 13 (EBZ)"

eskimo bob is da best

I found this to be a big improvement over the previous one I reviewed. I still don't think I would recommend it. I think that this one instead makes the mistake of being too long. It should have been more like three minutes. I've seen better DBZ flashes. The animation seems to be funnier.

I didn't know those lines were eyes at first. They seemed more like the letters "TI". Then again, I guess their eyes are all like that. I guess I'm more familiar with the characters now. Congratulations on being a cult favorite.

Eskimo Bob can be pretty cool. I like how he talks. My 3 favorite parts are: The "Soka Naka NA"!!! music, Super Alfonzo, and Bang YAY! The Yeti Does'nt have my stik Bob. Awwwww...

Mmm I've missed this =)

Used to watch this a lot back in 01. Great memories indeed.

A classic.

Although I am only giving this movie a 7, and I doubt that anyone will even read this due to the age of this particular flash, I used to really enjoy this series as a kid.

Which really just brings me to this point: You don't have to make amazing animation to make a flash desirable to watch. I suppose I can just appreciate the value of an old movie. I bet if I ever tried Flash out, it'd probably be as cruddy as this, but at least it'd be mine. :)