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Reviews for "SuperMarioLandRemix (Improved)"


omg... i dont't know what to say... this...this... THIS IS TOTALLY FRIKING AWESOME!!!! THIS SONG RULEZ!!!!!!!!!! xDD

newskies responds:

thank you so very much!


This piece of music is just great, it would be perfect if it was just a little bit louder...

newskies responds:

thanks... you're the first one to say that (louder), honestly, I read all the reviews and responded to all of them.

How lovely

Base is almost so high that my speakers could start cracking, but they didn't. Even if they did i wouldn't have a particular problem with the song because of its overall "pleasantness"

newskies responds:

thank you very much.

yo dis some true shit!

the bass rocks, the beat nice, song could hate = win

newskies responds:


Techno Mario Is Awesome

It doesn't help that the badgers were dancing while the song was playing, either. :o

newskies responds:

lol thanks