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Reviews for "Robot"

Your bot featured was a modifed Bionicle robot.

Looks like a Bionicle character to me and its better than Jehuty from Z.O.E. despite the design was too complex. That was a BIONICLE character.

SuperKusoKao responds:


The last time I ever looked at a Bionicle was about 6 years ago.

That really looks nice

I think the color scheme is great, and looks nice against that flat gray background. The robot itself looks fucking awesome! The design of it is really cool, i love all of the loose wires and box shapes, they're all put together really well and you did an excellent job on this robot.


beats the hell outa eny transformer Ive evr seen XD


looks like the unholy offspring of evangelion and p-bot
but thats a good thing

Epic on so many levels...

Can't go bad with red white and black....