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Reviews for "Robot"



A lot of hard work no doubt.

I can tell you put a lot of hard work into this submission, I can see it by the various designs you put into this submission, and how evenly spaced out the quality is. No single part is defined, but all parts of the submission are great quality. Obviously the lack of background takes away from the submission, but the overall death and ferocity of a machine like that is still here. I didn't really like the way you made the black powerlines of the character, I thought they were poor quality and seemed to fill in more space than actually do what they were supposed to; which is of course had some deapth to the submission. Other than that I liked this submission very much, good work.

hmmmm well done

really well done, but there are some things that could be fixed about it. for one a brighter back ground would probably bring the figure out more, it seems to be slightly blended in, this in my opinion makes it look rushed below the chest and shoulders and the right leg could have been slightly angled out towards the right, where its at now seems to make it looke hunched or falling over but other then that really well done like the color and the simple feet design you pulled it off well


you should submit that to robot day.