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Reviews for "Robot"


Isnt that the exoskeleton from district 9

SuperKusoKao responds:



An interesting, technically sound and adaptable multipurpose exoskeleton. The structure and frame are sturdy and functional while the weapons are obviously heavy calibre, implying a front-line combat role, though the legs are more effective at weight-shift control and quick, snappy movements for a quick escape or mobile combat.

I'm going to look at it and say... point man, lone scout, or guerrilla-tactic operative.

Sorry... I love these things, and you know it's holding my attention when I go all technical on you.

I have absolutely no quarrel with the art itself; very simple and well-defined while still maintaining an excellent level of detail.

Great work, all in all.

Yeah... definitely a guerrilla tactic operative.


That's a robot alright, a pretty good looking one to if i do say so myself


The whites could have had a bit more shadow. And the shadow doesn't seem to be there. Next time I'd like to see the shadows "jump: out more.

this shit sux

it looks so bad its not evn reallistic
itf feet luk so dum n it dosnt evn hav eys
it fkn sux

SuperKusoKao responds:

well fuck you!