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Reviews for "Africa Wars-Ethiopia"


well this was abit differant, kinda disturbing at times, but it still got a slight chuckle you should thinnk of some new ideas next time though

Something new nexttime



really just fucked up. I can tell you put a little emphasis, onlittle, but mainly this whole thing is just wrong, I don;t get easily offended by shit usually, but this is seriously offensive a lot of people die over there from malnutrition. There are kinid of right ways and wring ways to make humor out of that sort of situation, and this is definitely one of the wrong ways.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Seemed like it would at least be a unique storyline. Not many games take place in Ethiopia. I liked how parts of the environment were interactive.

^^Needs Improving^^
The main problem is in your scripting. It seems to freeze my computer up, as well as everyone else's, which causes you to "lose" the game. Besides that, the game was decent. However, it didn't seem like you could kill the mercenaries. I shot one like 10 times and it still didn't die.

A start

Graphics were okay, sound okay, interactivity could be better, and the animation was okay. But here's why you get a 0. Abotu part way through,and if you die, my computer froze. I tried it again, froze again. A third time, and it said there was a script in the flash that was "fucking up my computer". It worked a bit better when I aborted the script, but still, it makes it seem like this game's got a virus in it or something.


I in fact am Ethiopian. And find this stereotypical shit. You think Ethiopia is all poor and starving? You are horribly wrong. In fact us Ethiopians have an airline company called ethiopian airlines. We are not fully black either(at least not amharas, tigres, or gurage) our decendents come part from the middle east specifially yemen. That why some of us have straight hair. If you went to the capital Addis Abeba you wouldn't be calling it starving. Why would you even kill innocent people? How would you feel if you were in communism for 5 years and went through famine cause of the marxist Mengistu? So I find this stereotypical.